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Getting Started

Getting Started

So… you are at least a little bit curious by now. But you won’t know if you like it until you try it.

You are someone who is serious about getting results and are willing to ‘go all in’ when it comes to working out. So let’s get the ball rolling, and get you in here for your COMPLIMENTARY CrossFit introduction.

Step One – Your Complimentary CrossFit Introduction

Congratulations – You have decided that you are ready to get into the best shape of your life and become part of a community of like-minded people. Now it’s time to book your CrossFit Introduction.

Just enter your details, and one of our professional coaches will contact you to organise your 60 min session on the house where we will explain, and you will then experience the CrossFit methodology, and we’ll evaluate your current level of fitness. You can do this solo, or bring along a friend, and you can do it together!

  • 60 min session
  • Meet your coach
  • Thorough explanation of fitness methods used
  • Evaluate Your Current Fitness Level
  • By Yourself or Bring a Friend!
  • On the house… save $85!

Simply fill out the contact information to the right and one of our friendly management staff will contact you!

Already a CrossFitter?

If you have previous experience with CrossFit, please shoot us an email at info@crossfit3000.com with your contact details and experience.

Depending on how comfortable, experienced and confident you are with the different movements, we may either book in a time for you to come down and try out a class, or book in a refresher session with one of our coaches if you are a bit rusty (or its been a while between WODs).


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Step Two – Fundamentals Private Coaching

As promised, we will never throw you into Group Classes without you receiving proper coaching on technique, safety and scaling. We also promised that you would receive professional, hands-on coaching that addresses YOUR personal fitness needs.

With that in mind, you will get to complete 6 private training sessions (either 1 on 1, or 1 on 2) with a dedicated coach who will make sure that you are both competent in the CrossFit movements and fit enough to safely join in group classes.

By the end of your private coaching sessions, you will have become familiar with 30-40 CrossFit movements, including some Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and rowing skills. You will also learn about mobility, injury prevention, recovery, and nutrition. We have set graduation requirements, so you can be assured you will be stepping into group classes well prepared, instead of being dropped into the deep end (which is what happens at many other CrossFit boxes).

There are a couple of reasons why we now do private coaching as part of the on-ramp process:

  • CrossFit is incredibly technical! You wouldn’t learn the violin by sitting in an orchestra and trying to play note here or there – that would be incredibly ineffective. We give you lessons where we take the time to properly teach you the movements so you’re confident and safe in your abilities by the time you begin group classes.
  • It allows us to address your individual needs, deficiencies (yes everybody has them!), weaknesses and injuries. Everybody needs to work at a different pace, and we want to keep you injury-free to increase your longevity.
  • We believe relationships with the people around you are going to enrich your life, and your relationship with your coach is no exception. We want to get to know you, your fitness goals, what is going on in your life, and what you need from us to help you succeed.

2018 Fees:
One on One Private Coaching:

  • $510 For 6 sessions (paid upfront) – save $30!
  • 2 x payments of $270 (2nd payment due at completion of 3rd session)

One on Two Private Coaching:

  • $360 For 6 sessions (paid upfront) – save $30!
  • 2 x payments of $195/per person (2nd payment due at completion of 3rd session)

Please note your credit card statement will show “Ezidebit” and this will indicate your payment to CrossFit 3000.

Step Three – Group Classes

During group classes, you’ll push yourself and sweat it out with like-minded individuals, as you compete with yourself (and others, if you choose) for rounds, time, points, glory and emotional satisfaction. You will continue to receive technical coaching through the group classes, to help your CrossFit and fitness abilities improve. We have a lot of fun, work hard, and it is a very supportive environment in which to be in.

  • Unlimited group classes each month included in your membership ($120/fortnight)
  • Friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • Experienced coaches assisting you every time you train
  • A variety of nutrition, mindset, skills and performance workshops and seminars included in your membership

Get started NOW – simply by entering your details and we’ll get everything set up.

Find a Way


Interested in Membership?

Awesome! We can’t wait to help you get started on your fitness journey. Our introductory sessions for new members are done by appointment (which is cool because we can answer all your questions, and go at your pace) at a time that is convenient for you.

Once you have completed your introduction session and our on-ramp training package (Steps 1 and 2), you are able to join in on group classes. So, if you would like to get started, please leave your details and we’ll be in contact with you to set up a time for you to come in!

Group Class Membership Fees

We like to work with positive, motivated people who are serious about their health and fitness and also know how to have fun. Be ready to become part of an incredibly positive, encouraging and supportive community, where many people have made life-long friends.

All memberships include unlimited group classes (including our specialist mobility, weightlifting and gymnastics classes), with your coach guiding you through each workout and helping you to reach your fitness goals. Yes, this is more than ‘normal gyms’… chances are you have come to us because you are not currently getting the value or results for what you are paying now. All you need to do is turn up consistently, give 100% effort every time and listen to your coaches. We take care of everything else for you, including your programming, teaching you how to move safely and effectively, supporting your nutrition goals, and educating you so you can vastly increase your current health and fitness.

Our minimum membership term is 3 months.

Fortnightly Payments (minimum of 6 payments) – $120

Pay upfront:
3 Months Membership Upfront – $720 (save $60)

Private Coaching is available for our members – contact Brad (info@crossfit3000.com) for more information.

Already a CrossFitter?

Our Athlete Movement Assessment ($60, 45 min private session) is for those athletes that are relocating from another CrossFit affiliate and who have been CrossFitting for a minimum of 3 months. Athletes must be able to demonstrate competency or the ability to appropriately scale a number of common CrossFit movements included within our Benchmarks. These movements include (but are not limited to): Air Squat, Front Squat, Thruster, Overhead Squat, Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift Highpull, Kettlebell Swing, Wall Ball, Pullups, Pushups, HSPU, Cleans and the Snatch. Our movement standards and expectations are high at CrossFit 3000, so if you believe that you are competent and ready, drop us an email or give us a call and we can work something out.

Membership Policy

We are pretty reasonable, and don’t expect to have to invoke the following. However for the protection of us and our members and ensuring we are promoting an excellent environment at all times, CrossFit 3000 South Melbourne reserve’s the right to the following:

  • Refuse or cancel memberships
  • Refuse you entry to the class if you are more than 5 minutes late
  • Stop your participation in a class if you display poor attitude or are disruptive.

Payment Policy

  • Fees are subject to change.
  • Payments to be made in full in one transaction at the commencement of the membership period. All payments are via direct debit of a bank account, debit or credit card. Payment by debit or credit card will incur a 2.2% fee. Cash is not held on the premises.
  • At least 5 days written notice is required for the cancellation or suspension of memberships.

Personal Training Policy

Cancellation within 24h of a PT session may result in that session being forfeited. If you are unable to attend a scheduled PT session, please let your coach know straight away. In the extremely rare occurrence that a coach fails to show to the PT session, then the coach will owe you an extra PT session free of charge!

Being late to a PT session will reduce the amount of time available in that session (the finish time will remain unchanged). You will need to make up anything that was missed prior to entering classes – any extra PT sessions will be at the rate of $85/h.

Travel and Membership Suspensions

We know work and travel can sometimes get in the way of your training. CrossFit 3000 memberships may be put on hold at the discretion of management only for absences of four weeks of greater. When necessary, workouts will be scaled to accommodate injuries. Travel workouts are made available to our members on request.

If you need to suspend your membership for some reason (for example, you break yourself somehow and are not able to work out at all) we will most likely let you do that: membership suspensions are granted at the discretion of CrossFit 3000 South Melbourne.

Refresher One on One Sessions

We don’t forget about you once you are in the group classes. In fact, we recommend that every 6 months you meet with your personal coach for a 1 on 1 session where you can work on a weakness or on a technical skill you need more help on. These sessions are $70/45 min session. Our minimum refresher sessions is once per year, however, you can meet up more often than that if you would like additional help with your weightlifting, gymnastics, strength-training or mobility elements.

Returns and Refunds

This is pretty straight forward… there are no returns or refunds.

We at CrossFit 3000 are so confident that this fitness program will work for you, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first months group class membership – if your fitness levels have not measurably improved after coming in consistently three times a week for 4 weeks, please ask for your first months group class membership back. This means there is no risk to you, so there is nothing to stop you giving it a go!


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