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We promise that you will never get thrown into Group Classes without receiving proper coaching on technique, safety, and scaling. You will always receive professional, hands-on coaching that addresses YOUR personal fitness needs. Do not settle for less.

  • Twice The Results In Half The Time
  • New Challenging Workouts Every Time You Train
  • Results Regardless Of Your Body Type
  • A Dynamic And Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle
  • Improve Performance At Chosen Sport(s)
  • Get Leaner and Stronger
  • Feel More Positive & Energetic
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  • Well Established in the Area (Since 2011) With Proven Results
  • Experienced Certified Trainers Coaching You Through Every Session
  • Welcoming and Empowering Atmosphere
  • Group Accountability And Encouragement
  • Integrated Systems That Ensure Your Constant Progress
  • Holistic Approach (not just about Fitness)
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  • Enhanced Safety & Accelerated Progress Through Private Coaching
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  • Thursday 23rd October

    A. ‘Goat’ Buster

    Pick 2 of your Goats (movements that you need to improve) to work on

    EMOM for 14 min of:

    Odd – Goat 1
    Even – Goat 2

    B. 5 RFT of:

    15 x Burpees
    200m Run
    Rest exactly 30s b/w rounds

    C. Tabata Jumping Lunges

    **Optional Upscale to 20/15kg bar

    My face when I am programming….