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What is CrossFit: CrossFit is Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that basically aims to get you as fit as possible in every way. It is a total body methodology that combines elements of athletics, weightlifting and gymnastics (just to mention a few) through a “Workout of the Day” (aka “WOD”). The best part is, that every time you come to the gym the WOD will be different which means constant variety and new challenges every session.

We use functional movements – these are multi-joint movements that are reflected in activities we do in real life. For example, picking a heavy bag up from the ground, is essentially a “Deadlift”.

High intensity workouts are quite common – this is where you might be going harder and faster over a shorter duration, rather than long and slow with breaks.

Our movements and workouts are constantly varied. This means your body will be continually challenged and won’t be able to adapt to the stimulus, which means you will continue to improve rather than plateau.

There are 10 aspects of fitness in CrossFit and we aim to get you as fit as possible across all ten domains. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance (think Cardio!), Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. In each of your sessions we will be targeting these different aspects of fitness so we can get you as fit as possible across all of those elements.

Don’t take our word for it though… the best way to understand CrossFit is to experience it for yourself! Just enter your details to organise your FREE CrossFit Introduction with us!

CrossFit’s 3 Fitness Standards

When you sign up at an ordinary gym, rarely will they define what exactly “fitness” in their view is. CrossFit on the other hand is very clear about how fitness is not only defined, but how we evaluate it is well. It is all part of “evidence based” fitness, so we can measure exactly how you are improving and the areas we need to work on, to get you in the best shape of your life.

CrossFit’s First Fitness Standard

There are 10 aspects of fitness recognised within CrossFit. The better you are across all those aspects, the “fitter” you are. If you are great in one area, but terrible in four others, then that reflects on your all-round fitness level, and your ability to cope with different tasks that may come your way in everyday life.

These 10 aspects are:

  • Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance: your ability to gather, process and deliver oxygen
  • Stamina – your ability to process, deliver, store and utilise energy
  • Strength – your ability to apply force
  • Flexibility – maximising the range of motion at a joint
  • Power – applying maximum force in minimum time
  • Speed – quickest cycle time of a repeated movement
  • Coordination – combining several movement patterns into one complete movement
  • Agility – minimising transition time from one movement pattern to another
  • Balance – controlling your centre of gravity over a support base
  • Accuracy – controlling movement in a certain direction at a chosen intensity

You won’t need to worry each time you come in what aspects we are working on that day… our programming takes care of it all for you! By being consistent with your training and attending 3-5 times per week, you will see great improvements across all these areas just from completing our workouts.

CrossFit’s Second Fitness Standard

CrossFit aims to get you as prepared as possible for anything that might come your way. This fitness standard is all about performing well at any and every task imaginable. It is about helping you perform better than the person next to you at an unfamiliar task. Making you comfortable with the uncomfortable. We achieve this through many ways, including constantly varying rest, reps, exercises, order of exercises, the stimulus etc. so your training is constantly varied, interesting and challenging.

CrossFit’s Third Fitness Standard

This standard is all about being able to utilise all three of your energy pathways most efficiently and effectively. There are three metabolic pathways that provide you energy: the phosphagen pathway (this is for the high-powered activities less than 10 seconds), the glycolytic pathway (this kicks in for the moderate activities that last several minutes) and the oxidative pathway (think any activity that goes for a long time which don’t require much power, such as running long distances).

To achieve total fitness, we train you across all 3 of these pathways. Again, you don’t need to worry about which pathway you are using at any given time, our programming takes care of all of this for you.

So what does this mean to you?

This means that the training you do with us might look a bit (or a lot) different to what you already do. Albert Einstein has a famous quote: “The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” So if you aren’t exactly where you want to be with you fitness or health, now is the time to take action.

You can feel confident when you come through our doors, that we have proven systems in place to take you to the next level. We use a fitness methodology where you can actually visibly see your improvements and results. You do this in a very welcoming and supportive environment, where many of our members have told us they have made life-long friends. Just fill out your details so we can get in contact with you and get you started with your CrossFit journey.


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CrossFit 3000 isn’t just a new gym that you are going to be going to. We will be teaching you so much more. CrossFit is HARD! But that’s okay… through our on-ramp program we will step you through all the foundational movements and you will learn the correct and safe technique for a whole range of movements that you probably have never been instructed on before. Moving your body well will lead to increased longevity, reduce the risk of injury, and dramatically improve your fitness levels.

We have to teach a significant proportion of people how to squat properly when they come and see us – this is such an important movement that we do so often in everyday life, yet many people are squatting in a way that is not only inefficient, but can lead to injuries or pain.

We will also introduce you to lots of exercises you have probably never seen or used in a workout before. We have benchmark graduation requirements so that you know when you complete your on-ramp sessions with us, you are prepared for group classes, and able to perform the CrossFit exercises in a safe and competent manner, so you too can get fantastic results.

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