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Saturday 23rd August

Saturday 23rd August

Saturday 23rd August

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Reminder: The gymnastics workshops are on this afternoon – Advanced at 1pm, Beginner/Intermediate at 2pm. Make sure you check out all the details on our facebook page or at the gym and have signed up to come along. See you there!

A. 10 Mins to work to a single heavy Front Squat

B.’Cindy meets Grace’

For time:

1 round of Cindy (5 x Pull Ups, 10 x Push Ups, 15 x Squats)
10 x Clean & Jerk (60/42.5kg)
2 rounds of Cindy
8 x Clean & Jerk (60/42.5kg)
3 rounds of Cindy
6 x Clean & Jerk (60/42.5kg)
4 rounds of Cindy
2 x Clean & Jerk (60/42.5kg)
5 rounds of Cindy

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