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31 Jan 2014

Saturday 1st February

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Challenge Benchmark Day

Today we will be testing our benchmarks for our February Challenge. We will re-test these benchmarks at the end of the month.

A. 20 Mins to find:

1RM Back Squat

B. ‘Jackie’

For time:

1000m Row
50 x Thrusters (20/15kg)
30 x Pull-ups

30 Jan 2014

Friday 31st January

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We Need Your Help!

Everyday we, your coaches, strive to deliver the best possible CrossFit experience, but we need a little help. Now that we are all back from holidays and back into the swing of things, now is a good time to make some simple requests that will greatly enhance everyone’s CF3000 experience.  

1. Please be on time! We are reasonable people and know that traffic, parking, work etc can be an issue but we have classes every hour in the evenings. If you are more than a few minutes late, you may not be able to join the class as we have to make sure you are correctly warmed up, briefed and competent in the movements before you start each WOD. 

2. Clean up after yourself. We get it – its hot, we sweat. So bring a towel, and mop up after yourself. I don’t like doing burpees in someone else’s sweat and I bet you don’t either. This goes for the showers and bathrooms too.

3. Respect the equipment. Please don’t drop empty bars or drop bars loaded with just 5kg plates. They break and they are expensive. We want to buy more new cool toys rather than replace broken gear. If you are not sure on the correct way to load and unload a bar – ask your coach. In the same vein, if you see something that is broken or you break something – please tell a coach so we can fix/replace or remove it so someone else doesn’t hurt themselves.

4. Say hello to people. We have some new and returning faces in the gym. If you see someone you don’t know, say hi and introduce yourself. It makes the energy better, and who knows they might be hot, or one day you may need to know their name to ask them to help pull a bar off you. 

Right – enough said. lets get our WOD on!

A. Max Reps in 5 Mins of:
Double Unders

B. Rope Climb Practice 

10 Mins
C. 15 Min AMRAP of:
400m Run
2 x Rope Climbs to 15′
15 x Push Ups
20 x Sit Ups

29 Jan 2014

Thursday 30th January

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A. 3RFT of

25 x KB Swings (24/16kg)
250m Row

Rest 3 Mins

B. 3 RFT of:

200m Run
20 x Wall Ball (9/7kg to 10′)

Rest 3 Mins

C. 3 RFT of:

20 x Walking Lunges
10 x Push Press (52.5/37.5kg)

28 Jan 2014

Wednesday 29th January

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A. Squat Clean
2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2
B. Push Jerk
2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2


While we will be practicing these two lifts separately, the below is a great example of both – at 205kg.


27 Jan 2014

Tuesday 28th January

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A. 6 x 200m Sprints

Men on the 1:00

Ladies on 1:30

Record fastest and slowest efforts.

B. AMRAP in 7 Mins of:

10 x Over Box Burpees (24/20″)

20 x Double Unders

Rest 3 Mins

C. AMRAP in 7 Mins of:

5 x Knees to Elbows

10 x Pistols (5 x each leg)

20 x Double Unders

25 Jan 2014

Monday 27th January

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No classes today – Open Gym 10am-12 noon only.


24 Jan 2014

Saturday 25th January

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Reminder: Due to Australia Day public holiday on Monday, there will be no classes scheduled. Instead there will be open gym 10-12 noon.

For time:
Run 400m
25 x Ring Push Ups
25 x KB Swings (32/24kg)
25 x Pull Ups
Run 400m
20 x Ring Push Ups
20 x KB Swings
20 x Pull Ups
Run 400m
15 x Ring Push Ups
15 x KB Swings 
15 x Pull Ups

23 Jan 2014

Friday 24th January

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A. Snatch 

15 Mins to practice or work to a heavy double – hang/power/squat depending on skill/mobility.

If you are new to CrossFit or your cleans are less than awesome, then you will be practicing your cleans instead. Trust us – you will get more out of dialing in your cleans than working on your snatch if you are a beginner.

B. ‘Rahoi’

12 Min AMRAP of:

12 x Box Jumps (24/20″)

6 x Thrusters (42.5/30kg)

6 x Bar Facing Burpees


22 Jan 2014

Thursday 23rd January

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A. Back Squat

2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – 2

B. AMRAP in 12 Mins of:

5 x Power Cleans (75/55kg)

25 x Double Unders


21 Jan 2014

Wednesday 22nd January

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A. Muscle Up/MU Progressions Practice or 30 MU for time.

B. 5 Rds for total time of:

10 x Unbroken Wall Ball to 10′

10 x Pull-Ups

10 x Burpees

Rest 30 secs  between rounds

Wall Balls must be UNBROKEN (no missed reps, no rest) or start the set over again. 


Outlaw Way Muscle-Up Progression from The Outlaw Way on Vimeo.

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